George Holland For Congress - 2018
"Prince of Peace" Peace Candidate!
A Reform, Populist, Progressive, Democrat !
Christian, Anti-Zionist, USAF-NATO, Anti-War Veteran!
"Putting America, Not Zionist Israel First"

"Mission Accomplished!"  George Bush

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9

Are you a child of God or a warmonger? gth

Saving Social Security and Medicare, Putting American Families, Jobs,
Veterans, Seniors and Students First:
Not "The War Party," War Profit$, Oil Profit$, AIPAC, A nuclear armed,
Zionist Israel or Wall $treet.

Please Join George Holland, an American Senior and
Christian, Anti-Zionist, Anti-War USAF-NATO Veteran in
Is there a contrived, unchristian, subversion and
subjugation of
our great beloved Christian America into a
non-Christian, submissive, Zionist Israel, vassal state
by Netanyahu & Zionist Israel and the Neocons,
the zionists and The Zionozealots;
i.e.  Obama, (The Puppet) Shillary Clinton, (The Queen of
Chaos) "Zionist Joe" Biden, Rep. Luke Messer, President
Trump, V.P. Mike Pence, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-
CA et al.; firmly embedded in Congress, our federal and
state governments and the media?

"To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

"When warmongering, fascist Presidents, Congress and politicians lie, poor
people suffer and die"   
The average age of an American KIA in Iraq was 23 years old,
from a family with a annual median income of only $ 30,000.00  


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially
acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,801*
Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation
Of Iraq "1,455,590"*
*Reproduced for "fair use" from

"When warmongering, fascist Presidents, Congress and politicians lie, poor
people suffer and die"   
The average age of an American KIA in Iraq was 23 years old,
from a family with a annual median income of only $ 30,000.00  

Please Join George Holland, an American Senior and Christian,
Anti-War USAF
-NATO Veteran in speaking out against:
(1) Contrived, unchristian, unconstitutional, Imperial endless wars
and human suffering based on lies, deceit and greed.
(2) The contrived, unchristian, unconstitutional, fascist spying on
Americans by our own government!  "A police state!"
(3) Contrived endless debt and human suffering!
(4)Endless increasing poverty and human suffering!
(5)Contrived endless high unemployment and human suffering!
(6)The contrived abolition of cherished "safety nets," such as
Social Security and Medicare.
(7) The contrived endless printing of "fiat" money and the
ventual economic collapse with the collapse of the American
"petro dollar."  

Our once great American Republic has become an Imperialist, (fascist and
militaristic) oligarchic, plutocracy.

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George's Background
God and George Holland For Congress Support  Medicare for all.  It's the
Christian thing to do!

The Economy

Debt, Debt and more Debt

The Looting of Social Security

God and George Holland For Congress Support  Medicare for all.  It's the
Christian thing to do!

The War Party (A nuclear armed Israel's Captive) (The real threat to
world peace.)  

War Is a racket!  To hell with war!

BDS:  One of Christian America's answer to Zionism

Is Zionist Hillary Rodham Clinton, "The Queen of Chaos"?   

Please go to
Scroll down to:  Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi:" We came, we saw, he died"
(Ha, Ha, Ha!) Hillary is a real psychopath!

Then please watch Madeline Albright: Is The Price Worth It?
Albright was Bill Clinton's Sec'y of State.

“Pluto-Zionists” Support for Hillary: The “Marriage” of Plutocracy,
Rightwing Zionism and Hillary Clinton

Why is a Hate Campaign being Waged against Muslims?  

The Real Israel!

Where did Vince Foster die and why?
"When warmongering Presidents, Congress, politicians and some media lie;
poor people suffer and die" gth.


Updated August 20. 2019

"A Betrayal of Trust!"

Dear Friends: Had enough?   Why am I running for Congress as a
populist, anti-war candidate "Prince of Peace " Peace
Candidate??  Why do I hope to be your Democratic populist anti-
war Representative for Indiana's Sixth Congressional District?  I
future for them other than endless,contrived war, endless debt,
eventually endless poverty without any safety nets.  Our once
great America Republic has become a Imperialist (fascist and
militaristic) oligarchical plutocracy!

Had enough of contrived, perpetual war?  This contrived,
perpetual war is the result of lies, deceit and greed.   There were
no WMD in Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to
do with Osama Bin Laden, a CIA asset.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

On May 8, 2018 please vote for me, a Anti-Zionist Christian, USAF-
NATO antiwar veteran
I am the only "Peace Candidate" in this election.  America must
get out of NATO and The Middle East or there will be a nuclear
war with Russia and China.   
Please read my index page and my information about Medicare,
Social Security, The Economy, Etc.

The invasions of Iraq and Afhghanistan were not due to terrorism
or weapons of mass destruction but  on lies, deceit and greed.
Also, Imperial America's continuing hegemony and in the case of
Iraq, the fulfillment of the neocons wet dream to oust Saddam
Hussein and fulfill Israel's dream of a "Greater Israel:" The Zioinist
Plan for the Middle East.  

Zionofascist Obama's  decision to put American troops into Syria
is a violation of international law.  What gave warmonger Barack
Obama the right to invade any country?  Zionofascists Trump and
Mike Pence continue to flaunt and defy international law.

A nuclear armed Israel, an APARTHEID NATION, with $5 billion/yr
in American taxpayer military aid is controlling the middle east as
an imperial power.

Why are Congress an Pres. Trump giving APARTHEID Israel five
billion $ of your tax money every year?
Zionofascism is now the official religion of Obama, Hillary, Trump
V.P. Pence, Congress and America!

All Americans should read :
Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets about Israel  Absent
greater transparency, Americans should assume the worst by
Grant F. Smith, IRmep

Please remember that unmarked Israeli aircraft attacked the U.S.S.
Liberty, destroying the ship and killing 34 American servicemen.

"ISIS is a creation of US intelligence, recruited, trained and
financed by the US and its allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
Turkey, Israel and Jordan."   "While America claims to be targeting
ISIS, in reality it is protecting ISIS.  The air campaign is intent
upon destroying Syria and Iraq rather than 'going after the

As long as America follows Congress's psychopathic obsession
with creating more and more chaos in the middle east, (for the
benefit of "Greater Israel") especially in Syria, Iraq and against
Iran;  there will be a nuclear war with Russia and China because of
these deliberate provocations by the U.S. and Israel.  

Don't die for a lie! Don't die for a nuclear armed, Zionist Israel.
I want to stress that "taking out" Iraq and Syria are part of the
"Greater Israel: The Zionist Plan for The Middle East; but the
ultimate goal is to take out Iran.  Iran has to be "demonized" as
much as possible.  While the pro-Israeli -Zionist controlled media
stresses the fact that Iran is developing "missles", there is no
mention of Israel's nuclear missle (100-200) arsenal.  There is no
mention of Israel's offensive cruise missles .  There is no mention
of "Jericho"!.
There is no mention of Israel's 5 Dolphin Class nuclear
submarines.   There is no mention of "The Samson Option".
Iran stands in Israel's way of completely subjugating and
dominating the Middle East.

ISIS has not been defeated by the U.S. or Israel or Saudi Arabia;
the main benefactors of ISIS.  ISIS is being defeated because
Assad's Syrian army is supported by Russian air power.

Putin has made it very clear to the West that any attack on Iran will
be met with the full force of the Russian military including the use
of nuclear weapons.

Israel curently receives  $4 billion/yr. U.S. military aid
Israel has 100-200 nuclear warheads.  
Israel has at least five, possibly six Dolphin
Class Submarines equipped with U.S. supplied HARPOON cruise
missiles with nuclear warheads!
Israel has Jericho Offensive Ballistic missiles equipped with
nuclear warheads.
Israel has the ARROW defensive missile system developed
in conjunction with Boeing.

The U.S. has spent $ 1.5 trillion in developing the F-35 fighter on
Israel's behalf!   What a waste of money.  Obomber wanted to
$1.1 trillion in developing more atomic weapons.  Folks, this is
insanity at its worst.

I believe Israel's goal is to have the U.S. to attack Iran and this will
put the finishing touches on WW III.  Senator Snow of Arkansas
has been one of the biggest warmongering loud mouths,  along
with warmongers, Senators John "Bomb, Bomb Iran" McCain and  
Lyndsey Graham urging the U.S. to bomb Iran.  My fear is that
Trump, Cruz and Shillary don't care about their consequences of
"bad mouthing" Iran.  I blame Shillary & Obomber for most of
what has happened in Iraq and Syria since 2009.  Please
remember, there were no WMD in Iraq.  This was a "contrived"
war!   All of these poor wretched victims, especially children, are
the victims of these contrived wars on Israel's behalf. This is not
the American way, the Christian way or George Holland's way.   

That is why I am emphasizing that the U.S. should get out of the
Middle East before a nuclear war starts and the Fifth Fleet winds
up at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

Shillary's gloating, laughing description of Gaddaffi's death via
being sodomized with a bayonet is critical evidence of her being a
psychopath. "We came, we saw, he died."  (Ha Ha Ha)  She is the
most arrogant, irresponsible and most dangerous woman in the
world today.  "The Queen of Chaos" fits her perfectly.           

Congress should be concentrating on jobs for all Americans, not
just for those in the weapons industry!
Congress and Obama tell you that officially only 7,724,728
Americans are unemployed.  The actual unemployed figure is
15,2231, 859.    

There were 19,589,590 manufacturing jobs in 2000.  Today, there are 12,381,185
manufacturing jobs.    THAT A LOSS OF 7,208,405 MANUFACTURING JOBS
Median income today is $30,161.  Median income in 2000 was $28,290.
That's an increase of only $1,871. in twenty years.  Shame, shame on
you for re-electing Pence and Rep. Messer.  

NAFTA under "Slick Willy" Clinton cost America at least 670,000 jobs
KORUS FTA under Barack Obama cost America at least 159,000 jobs.
The Columbia FTA effective May 15, 2012  was another Shillary Clinton
and Obama job killer.
"Slick Willy" Clinton made millions of $ giving speeches which endorsed The
Columbia FTA ,while Shillary was Sec'y of State and openly conniving with
Columbian officials.  THe Clintons are ruthless politicians.

Please read my section on "DEBT."  More and more Americans are trying to
maintain a decent life style by increasing their credit card debt which will prove
to be disastrous!

The refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq are the victims of the "Greater Israel"
warmongers; Geo
rge Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Barack
Obama, President Trump , V.P. Pence Nikki Haley and especially "The Queen of
Chaos. Hillary Clinton."  

Europe was not prepared to handle the influx of refugees from
Syria, Iraq, etc.!  

The economic chaos which happened in Greece has spread  to
other European countries.  Italy and Portugal, especially, are
going bankrupt.  The Central Banks of the E.U. are all printing,
"fiat money" just as the U.S. fed is doing  

America is experiencing
an economic collapse. You should be preparing for it!  I forecast
this economic destruction back in 1988 when I was the Democratic
candidate for Congress, opposing Dan Burton, from the Sixth
District!.  There is simply too much federal debt and perpetual
war. This debt can never be repaid!
The Wall Street banks should be nationalized!  There is nothing
"federal" about the Federal Reserve.  The Fed is a consortium of

The following is a lengthy read; these comments and excerpts are
from my web pages of 2012.
David Stockman, who was Reagan's Director of The Budget has
stated that America has reached "the point of no return!"  George
Bush's tax cuts for the very wealthy, which were continued by
Barack Obama, is one of several factors that has caused our
economic demise.  Perpetual war costs are another endless factor.
The Federal Reserve, under Ben Bernanke  turned on the printing
presses; "full speed ahead!" This creation of "fiat" money simply
grows the money supply thus cheapening the value of the dollars
out there ! Please remember the dollar is no longer backed by
gold reserves!  This "inflation" of the
money supply causes  the prices of all commodities, especially
food, to increase in price!  All this could and should have been

Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Chairman for 21 years, (1987-
should be tried for malfeasance, (official misconduct; violation of
a public trust)_  because his policies set the stage for what has
happened. He was a big supporter of "de-regulation" and tax
cuts.  Greenspan, Bill Clinton, Robert Ruben, Larry Summers and
Phil Gramm should all be charged with malfeasance.  They did  
irreparable harm to America by doing away with the Glass
Steagall Act which protected consumers!.

These five also prevented the Commissioner of the Commodity
Futures Trading Commission, Brooksley Born, from regulating the
"derivatives" market as was her job!

I do not raise the issue;" Is Barack Obomber  a liar, lightly?.
Politicians should not make promises to the American people;
us false hopes and not being held accountable for those
lies!  This is very serious!  
It should be evident that Barack Obama is not a "black Jesus" as
would like him to appear!  He is a ruthless politician!  A smooth
He has been described as "A CRUEL HOAX!"  He was the chosen
tool of the "elites" who run this country so ruthlessly!  
Highly respected Conservative, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts described
George W. Bush as "a natural born liar!"     
Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton also fit that
Rep. "AIPAC Mike" Pence promised Americans there would be
new jobs created by The Bush - Pence "tax cuts" for the ultra
rich.  Now fifteen years later, Where are the jobs you promised us,
V.P. Pence?  
Friends, tax cuts don't create jobs but help create massive debt!

Issue # Two The Economy: (a) Jobs, Jobs and Jobs.  
(b) Debt, Debt and more Debt.
The Economy continues to sputter along with resounding voices.
"The recession is over. the recovery is here!" But it isn't! In 2008, I
stressed that Indiana had over 200,000 jobless persons and over
100,000 homes behind in mortgage payments or in foreclosure!
That has worsened!  There are no
new jobs being created ! Please
read the Jobs, Jobs, Jobs section!

After all of Obama's arrogant promises of job creation and
"change you can believe in;" Obama is a chronic liar!

Grasp the significance of these figures! 2009 closed with:   
(1)   US poverty rate hits 11-year high
(2)  US income gap widest since 1917
(3)    "Two-thirds of the nation’s total income gains from 2002 to
2007 flowed to the top 1 percent of U.S. households and that top 1
percent held a larger share of income in 2007 than at any time
since 1928",   
(4) Food Stamp Recipients Are At An All Time High
(5)  Credit card delinquency on the rise
(6) There has been zero net job creation since December 1999.

A strong economy is a robust and growing trade surplus, yet the
U.S. continues with huge trade deficits and loss of manufacturing
jobs!.  Hopefully, the sections on The Economy  and
"globalization" and Bill & Hillary Clinton's NAFTA (670,000 jobs
lost) will show why America needs to return to a "tariff based"
economy.  President Obama and The Clintons Korean Free Trade
Agreement will cost another 159,000 lost jobs! This section shows
why our foreign trade is in such a deficit and the economy is in
continuing decline with a loss of high paying manufacturing jobs
and how the U.S. has become the world's largest "debtor" nation!

All Americans should now understand that there were no WMD in
Iraq!  That invasion and occupation were based on lies, deceit and
greed.  In this USAF-NATO veteran's opinion, Bush and Congress
sending American troops to suffer and die for a lie is a war crime.  
If you will keep an open mind and read my documentation of what
has happened and will continue;(Blood Money) you will
understand, as I have, that these events were planned long ago
and are part of the Bushs, the Clintons and Obomber's "New
World Order."
Endless imperialistic war and endless national debt are two of the
main factors that The New World Order folks are using to
accomplish their goal of one world government by the ultra rich.  
The Middle Class, as we know it, is to be destroyed, there are to
be no safety nets for the masses.  

There will be no significant health care reform. Social Security and
Medicare will be abolished. Both parties of Congress are  
supporting these safety net cuts.  
Without meaningful jobs, social safety nets, such as Social
Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc; the impoverishment of America
into the New World Order can occur more quickly.  This is why,
although most Americans support "Medicare for All," (single
payer health care), Medicare For All was defeated and it will then
be much easier to destroy Social Security and Medicare and

With the celebration of a New Year, 2009, our great country had a
new President and a Democratic controlled Congress.   Did  
things change for the better?  NO!   In 2012, with a Republican
controlled House of Reps., did things change for the better?
Absolutely not!

President Obomber and Congress  have widened the war from
Afghanistan into Pakistan with "drone attacks on helpless.
hapless civilians.    Obomber, Former Sec'y. Gates, former General
Petraeus and Congress', (with Lugar and Pence's)  blessing have
sent in 30 M more American troops to be ground up in this
endless, illegal occupation.

Obomber and some members of  Congress are now working hard
to "destabilize" Pakistan; Syria and Iran. . Chalmers Johnson
informed us in his "Sorrows of Empire", that a new $736 million
embassy is to be built in Islamabad, Pakistan.
This after one billion dollars being spent for the Embassy and
Green Zone in Baghdad.
Friends, the American 'empire' of imperialism, militarism and
fascism continues to expand, at the expense of endless debt,
more and more job losses,  higher and higher unemployment and
on going impoverishment of America's citizens.

Please understand that in order to fund these wars
and the generous tax breaks for the rich, Obomber
has done what Bush did and Mike Pence supported:  
that is creating massive debt and cutting education
and "social programs" such as Medicare, Social
Security, Planned Parenthood and Medicaid!

These wars have cost American taxpayers over $4 trillion
to date and  are escalating!   This is being done on borrowed
monies and increasing our national debt. The billions and
billions  dollars to fund the war for more years, the "tax rebate"
stimulus and "Cash for Clunkers" were  done without increasing
your taxes; but by increasing your share of the national debt and
it is this massive debt that is "impoverishing" America and
causing our country to collapse and allow the "War Party" of  The
New World Order  to eventually declare martial law.

Our great America is becoming another "banana
where the political and corporate elites have the
wealth and the ordinary citizen will live in a "police
state" and in  severe poverty  without any social nets.

You have been warned!
These massive deficits cause a "weakened" dollar,
the dollar doesn't buy as much and as the money
supply is inflated, inflation starts increasing.  Every
thing costs more because of a "cheapened" inflated

Because oil is such a critical part of our economy,(1)  
big oil is big business when there is war in the Middle
East and increasing tensions, on behalf of Israel to
invade Iran; these actions threaten the supply of oil.
As supply is threatened, the price goes up and stays
up. Because of an abundance of crude oil

Oil is a commodity and like other
commodities, its value is always valued on
the strength of the dollar; as the dollar
weakens, commodities, especially those like
oil are sold at higher prices.

Americans should realize that the dollar is no longer
the "reserve currency" for world trade.  It was being
replaced by the euro until the recent economic melt
down in Europe!  Saddam Hussein had gone from
"petro -dollars" to the euro; this is one of the
reasons, Iraq was invaded!  

One reason, not nuclear weapons,  why Iran
will go down; because it is not dealing in
petro-dollars any more and The New World
Order people want to control its gas & oil!

Libya was "taken out," not because Khadafi was a
but because he was selling "cheap" oil to China and
was no longer dealing in "petro-dollars." Now The
New World Order folks control Libya's oil, looted
Libya's gold reserves
and have cut off another of China's energy sources.  

Please remember two very important things:
the tragedies of 9-11 and the Iraq war did not have to happen.  
The  economic Recession and coming economic Depression did
not have to happen!They could have and should have been
They were preventable.  I believe that each was deliberately
planned as a means to impoverish America!!  America's
excessive debt, the inflation of the money
supply, to bail out Wall Street and the
international banksters, will weaken and
cheapen the dollar until  another Great
Depression and an economic collapse

Certainly, President Bush was warned by General Zinni, his
Middle East Advisor and The Joint Chiefs of Staff not to invade
Iraq. The many U. N. inspections inside Iraq, showed there were
no WMD.  America's own Maj. Scott Ritter, the chief American on
the inspection team, spoke in Indianapolis, for over two hours in
the fall of 2002, stressing that Iraq and Saddam Hussein did not
have any WMD. Common sense should have told the American
people that President Bush and Congress had no evidence of
WMD claims and no basis for an invasion. Now in 2018,sixteen
years later, what has been gained? This war has been a tragic
failure because it was based upon "Blood Money"that is lies,
deceit and greed, "empire building" (petrol-fascism) and the
interests of  Israel!
In the section "The Iraq War," I have documented evidence
by third party individuals that there were no WMD and Psychopath
President Bush, Cheney and Congress: all knew it! Because of
these two tragedies, huge amounts of monies are being spent on
Homeland Security and all the ramifications of the war!  Just think
if the trillions of dollars spent in these areas could and should
have been spent on America's other needs, i.e., Veterans Benefits
and Care, health insurance for the uninsured, Medicare, especially
long term nursing care, education, low cost housing and aid for
Katrina victims, and even paying off some of our national debt.

We are a bankrupt nation; your Congress has approved  a new
national debt ceiling of  over sixteen trillion dollars. Every man,
woman and child now owes over $50,000,00 and possibly as much
as $140,000.00 as their share of this national debt. How will this
ever be repaid?  It can't. This excessive debt  is
destroying Social Security and Medicare. This
excessive debt is the major  reason our great country
is "tanking" and eventually will collapse!

The Looting of Social Security will help you to understand why
the Social Security Surplus has been embezzled to help finance
tax cuts for the very rich!

In order to get re-elected "Slick Barack" Obama used
2% of
the Social Security withholding taxes to fund
his "payroll" tax
cuts for working Americans! This 2%
should have been taken out of the income tax
withholding; not Social Security taxes!
Obama's "jobs bill" uses 4% of the 6.2 % Social
Security withholding taxes from a workers pay.  
Why?  By doing this, Social Security revenues are
destroyed; Obama and the Republicans can destroy
Social Security!

In Open Letters To Rep. Pence,  I will share my thoughts with you
as I have done with Israelphile Rep. Pence. In March, 2006, I wrote
three times to Rep. Pence challenging him to a series of debates
on troop withdrawal. I enclosed a copy of  The Financial Times
Zogby International/LeMoyne College Poll (February 2006,)
showing that the majority of American troops wanted to be
withdrawn from  Iraq, within twelve months.     
I would have honored their request!   Rep. (Now V.P.) "AIPAC
MIKE"  Pence, a "war hawk," was a coward, because he refused to
debate this USAF-NATO veteran on the war and withdrawal.  

Active duty soldiers, Iraq veterans, have spoken out against the
war.  "Fort Hood soldiers breaking the silence in war in Iraq".  
"The honest truth is that if the American people knew what was
going on over there everyday, they would be raising their voices,
too.  They would be saying, 'Hey, bring those guys home.' Sgt.
Selena Coppa said" "Coppa blames lawmakers in Washington for
filtering the facts on the war in Iraq.  She said "there's no real end
in sight."  
" 'There is a cost to this war.  This war is being paid in American
blood, in my soldier's blood.  And that is not okay.' Coppa said."

I have also included "The Cost of War", which gives a running
account of dollars being spent . It also reports the KIA and WIA
figures that no one wants to talk about.  It's someone else's child,
so who cares?  Not  Israelphile Rep. Pence - he compared the war;
the dieing and human suffering of our troops, to a football game!
remember that each dollar spent on the war and or on
Homeland Security are dollars that could have been spent on
American citizens' needs.  Please remember that others believe
this has been a contrived, needless war based on "Blood Money,"
that is lies, deceit, greed; oil,
"empire building" (petrol-fascism)
and the interests of  Israelphile Rep. Pence's Israel! These war
deaths and horrific wounds should never have happened. Obama,
and  Israelphile Rep. Pence want to stay the course, of
Why should you vote for me in 2018?  Since 1988, I have
consistently warned against the dangers of deficit spending and
the loss of jobs.  I am the only Congressional candidate in Indiana
to have (1) opposed these wars  since 2002, before they ever
started,  (2) have remained opposed to  them and (3) have been
the only candidate to call for a total withdrawal of our troops,
(2005). This will not only save lives, but the longer withdrawal is
held off, the more difficult it will be, and the more American
troops will be killed needlessly!.  Warmonger President  Obama,
the "War Party"
Congress and especially  Israelphile V.P. Pence
have been selling "fear" to the American people.

The Iraq Study Group's report recommended that we stay in Iraq
for many years.  I do not agree!  Americans must demand  that
funding for the occupation be stopped!  
To date, the cost of the war and occupation of Iraq is over $ 3 to 4
trillion  and  there is no end in sight to the financial costs or
human suffering.    

It should be apparent that The War Party (aka Democrats and
Republicans) want American troops to stay indefinitely in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Syria.  . America cannot let this happen! America
must speak up now and stop the funding of this criminal carnage.

Iran is next on the Neocons list to be invaded!  Former Secretary
of Defense Gates offered American troops to Pakistan!  Folks, this
is empire building at its worst!   Please read Dr. Norman D.
Livergood's, "The New U.S.-British Oil Imperialism."  We are a
bankrupt nation; an America that is at the mercy of our creditors!

In  my opinion, if "treason" is a betrayal of trust;  any politician
who supported the "surge" and continued funding of  these wars  
has  committed "treason" as they have betrayed the trust of our
troops in Iraq who wanted to withdraw completely!

I must have your support and vote in 2018!  Together we will help
America change course and get out of Iraq, Afghanistan. Syria and
the Middle East and avoid nuclear war!  The consequences are too
great if we fail!

Also, a section on PTSD & Brain Injuries, which have been around
since the first time that one man has slain another in war. War is
man's inhumanity to man!  How could any war, especially this
one, have God's blessing?  How can any Christian support this
war of "Blood Money,"  that is lies, deceit and greed; oil, "empire
building" (petrol-fascism) and the interests of  Israelphile Rep.
Pence's Israel!  If you believe that this war is A Noble Cause,then
please read this section and have a good cry!

Is America's foreign policy for sale?  Certainly!  Why are we in
Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East?  
Hopefully, the section "The Middle East, Israel, Saudi Arabia  &
'Blood Money'" will give you some insight.  Be certain to read
Michelle Mairesse's, The Bush-Saudi Connection!  
Are Israel and theAmerican-Israeli Public Affairs Committee  
controlling our Middle East policies?  I believe that  Israelphile
Rep. Pence, with his pro-Israeli stance, is not representing the 6th
District's views on a just peace between Israel and the
Palestinians.  As long as Rep. "AIPAC MIKE" Pence is
representing you, there will be no  peace in the Middle East and a
probability of nuclear war.  Rep. Pence pledges his allegiance to
Israel.  Let's put America and not Israel first!

Making the Case for  "War Crimes" against President Bush
and others!  Read this very carefully and thoroughly and let me
know what you think!  The case for impeachment was made when
the President wrapped himself in our flag and the Holy Bible, lied
us into a war and trampled our Constitution and our Bill of
Rights.  The case for "War Crimes" has been made and well
documented! . He asked America to support
the troops, but when most troops wanted a swift pull-out from
Iraq,(Zogby International / LeMoyne college poll), he ignored
their concerns and puts his own lies and arrogance first,
saying the decision about when to withdraw all U.S. troops from
Iraq  will fall to future presidents and Iraqi leaders, reminding us
that the U.S. involvement occupation will continue indefinitely.
His, Congress' and  
Israelphile V.P. Pence's determination to keep
American troops in Iraq against their wishes for withdrawal was
another outrageous act of these cowardly politicians.,  Again,
in your opinion, if "treason" is a betrayal of trust; isn't this
betrayal of our troops, a betrayal of their trust;  a betrayal that
constitutes "treason?"

George Holland wants a better future for you, our children and
grandchildren than one of  endless war, terror and fear-peddling.
A vote for George Holland for Congress in 2018 is a vote to
"change course" seeking a new direction towards peace and

I would request that you do two more things!  (1)Please tell others
about this web site and our campaign!
(2) Read the following excerpt and share it with others; from
Michelle Mairesse's,  The Bush-Saudi Connection!
"The Bushes are carriers of the deny-destroyed and be damned
Prerscott Bush never apologized for trading with the Nazis.
George Bush Senior professed to know nothing of the drug and
arms dealing that funded the bloody, illegal Iran-Contra operation
although it was common knowledge that he directed them.  He
and his sons enriched themselves through shady real estate deals
and financial manipulations that brought down entire banking and
savings and loan institutions.  They are all consumate inside
traders, looting and leaving ruin in their wake.

President-Select George Bush is no exception. He has no scruples
about exploiting his office for personal and family gain. The Texas
governor who could joke about frying prisoners in the electric
chair will not, as president, agonize over the decision to send
young men and women into battle--or over denying them medical
care when they are injured.
There is irrefutable evidence that highly-placed Saudis aided and
supported the terrorists who murdered over 3000 American
citizens on September 11, 2001. Yet George Bush persists in
protecting and colluding with those who sponsor terrorists. Is
this not an an act of treason?   George Bush should be tried and
convicted for war crimes."


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be
\called the children of God." Matthew 5:9   (gth)