Report Faults Mental Care for Iraq Veterans at Upstate base
02-13-08  By Lisa W. Foderaro  New York Times

Suicides by Guard, Reserve troops studied
Feb. 12, 2008 By Kimberly Hefling   Associated Press

Denial In The Corps
According to civilian and military defense lawyers, mental health
professionals and veterans' advocates, the trajectory of James
Jenkins's post deployment life, with untreated PTSD leading to
misconduct and then punishment, is all too common in the Marine
By Kathy Dobie- The Nation-  02-18-08

Soldier suicides at record rate
The Army was unprepared for the high number of suicides and cases
of post-traumatic stress disorder among its troops as the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan have continued far longer than anticipated.
By Dana Priest 01-31-2008

Can We Come Home Now
My friend Doug Barber died on Martin Luther King Day. I hadn't
known him long, but we had a lot in common. We both lived in the
south, were both veterans of the Iraq War, both felt betrayed by our
government for sending us to a war without purpose. Both of our
marriages had been destroyed in the aftermath of the war, and finally,
we were bothstruggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
By Charlie Anderson

Survey:  Troops have lingering health
concerns after return from combat
"Half of all troops returning from combat zones report a lingering
health concern six months later, according to data released from
Defense officials this week."
By Leo Shane III, Stars & Stripes, Feb. 2, 2008
A Lease On Her Life
"Jennifer Pacanowski joined the army to climb out of debt.  She ended
up in the hole."
By Maya Schenwar, Jan.25, 2008

Long Island veteran urges Congress to end Iraq war
"Kristofer Goldsmith feels so strongly that the war must end that the
former Army sergeant from Bellmore went to Washington last week
to urge members of Congress to act."
"Goldsmith told members of Congress he suffered such severe
depression that he mixed pills with alcohol in an attempt at
suicide, which he said led to his discharge and being stripped of
his GI Bill educational benefits."
May 17, 2008  By Martin C. Evans

"Marine who died after cross-state chase wrote of war stress".
"Twiggs had been through four tours in Iraq, one in Afghanistan
and months of therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder in which he
said he was on up to 12 different medications."
" 'All this violent behavior, him killing his brother, that was not my
husband.  If the PTSD would have been handled in a correct
manner, none of this would have happened,' she, (Twiggs' wife)
said in a telephone interview from Stafford , VA."   
By Arthur H. Rotstein, Associated Press , May 17, 2008

"The Spoils of War:  How a Sarasota Soldier Got Rich and Lost
It All."
By Billy Cox  The Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Lawyer:  Jury Should have heard about soldier's PTSD."
"The jury that convicted an Iraq war veteran of murder in the
stabbing death of a fellow infantryman, whose charred body was
later found in the woods, should have learned that he suffered from
post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in combat, his lawyer
told the Georgia Supreme Court on Tuesday."
"An Atlanta psychologist and PTSD specialist interviewed Martinez
and found that PTSD explained the violent attack, which seemed to
lack any real motive. West said.  The psychologist said certain
triggers-- such as fighting between the soldiers can trigger PTSD.  
The person then feels he must defend himself against a threat, even
if there is none."    
By Shannon McCaffrey  May 21, 2008  Associated Press

A Journey That Ended in Anguish
Col. Ted Westhusing, a military ethicist who volunteered to go to
Iraq,was upset by what he saw. His apparent suicide raises
questions. By T. Christian Miller     

Wounded vet missing in Florida By Ben Zion Herschberg  
Louisville Courier-Journal

From Fighting In Iraq to homeless in San Diego
KFBM Stations, Channel 8, San Diego

Why does Johnny come marching homeless?
01-20-2008 By Erin McClam Associated Press

Returning Home Homeless
"It was like being labeled a shit bag in the military.  If you went to
the psychiatric ward, people said, 'oh, wow....why didn't I think of
that?  That would have gotten me out of work, too.'  It was viewed
as a cop out."
By Matt Renner truthout\.Report  , 21 February 2008

Homeless vets wait years for aid.
In December, he was diagnosed with severe combat related
post-traumatic stress disorder-32 years after returning from
Feb. 06, 2005 Chicago Sun-Times  By Cheryl L. Reed

Police Kill Veteran Stabbing His Stepfather
NBC Philadelphia

Female GIs hard hit by war syndrome
NEW YORK - (KRT) - On a mission just south of Baghdad over the
winter, a young soldier jumped into the gunner's turret of an armored
Humvee and took control of the menacing .50-caliber machine gun.
She was 19 years old, weighed barely 100 pounds and had a blond
ponytail hanging out from under her Kevlar helmet.

Disgusted Army wife speaks out on Army's response to soldier suicide
surge.  By Debbie Boen
Reproduced from Clarksville Online, Clarksville, Tennesse

For one Marine, Torture Came Home
ABOUT A YEAR and a half ago, a 40-year-old former Marine
sergeant named Jeffrey Lehner, recently returned from Afghanistan,
phoned and asked to meet with me.
By Ann Louise Bardach

These Unseen Wounds Cut Deep
A mental health crisis is emerging, with one in six returning soldiers
afflicted, experts say.
By Esther Schrader

Two Iraq War Veterans Commit Suicide Near Fort Hood
Associated Press

Soldier, After Bipolar Treatment and Suicide Attempts, Sent Back to
War Zone
Associated Press   Monday, Fe.b. 11, 2008

'Over my dead body'
Sgt. Curtis Greene loved the military; the structure, the stability.
But eight months in Iraq changed him. And the thought of returning
led him to a stark proclamation.

More Troops Developing Latent Mental Disorders
Symptoms appear several months after returning from Iraq, military
The Associated Press

Iraq leads to army suicides
Four Japanese soldiers have killed themselves since returning from
Iraq due to trauma, said a report on Friday.  A number of Japanese
troops were emotionally scarred by their experience in Iraq - Tokyo's
first mission since World War II to a country, where fighting was
under way.

For some, war never ends
Kevin Maurer
David Rice lives under constant threat of attack.  Wounded by
shrapnel from a North Vietnamese mortar and crippled by post
traumatic stress disorder, he still smells jungle rot, ducks imaginary
snipers when he is outside and huddles in the corner of his living room
at night for fear of mortars. I know it is all in my head. This is no way
for a 56-year-old man to act, said Rice, clutching a cigarette in his
brown fingers.
Please read: (1) "Study: False statements preceded war."  
There were 935 lies in a two year period.
President Bush lied 259 times.  Secretary of State Colin Powell lied
254times.  National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice lied 56 times.
How many times have Senators Clinton, Lugar, Bayh, Obama,
McCain  and Reps. Ackerman and "AIPAC Mike" Pence lied?
Also please read (2)
"Truth was first U.S. casualty in Iraq War."

The Horrors of Suicides, PTSD & Brain
George Holland For Congress - 2010
A "populist" Democrat -- "Putting America First"
Putting American Families, Jobs,
and Seniors First; Not War Profit$,
Oil Profit$, AIPAC, Israel or Wall $treet!
P.O. Box 751      Rushville, IN 46173
10 Suicides a Month at Ft. Hood -- War Stress Is Taking Soldiers to the
By Dahr Jamail, Asia Times10 Suicides a Month at Ft. Hood -- Posted on November 10, 2009, Printed
on November 10, 2009
What Motive does the Army have to misdiagnose PTSD!
By Mark Benjamin and Michael de Yoanna
Shame, shame, shame on America and the "whores" in Washington
who send my brothers and sisters to die and suffer and then refuse
to provide proper care! Are you proud to be an American? ! gth

Updated May 12,  2209
Dear Friends: This was bound to happen! This G.I. was on his third
tour! At some point, did his Christian conscience "kick in" and thus
was this soldier faced with the dilemma of the bare truth about the
"horse shit" propaganda of why we are in Iraq and the realities coming
home?  This is the price America has to pay for the lies, deceit and
greed which have been the Hallmark of both the Zionist, Fascist and
Imperialist Bush and Obama administrations.
How can anyone,
especially those involved in evaluating his circumstance,
understand the stresses of what this soldier had undergone?   

Soldier charged in comrades' deaths showed stress
BAGHDAD – The U.S. military command launched an
investigation Tuesday into whether it offers adequate mental health
care to its soldiers, a day after a sergeant finishing up his third tour
of Iraq allegedly shot and killed five comrades at a clinic on a U.S.
Sgt. John M. Russell, 44, of Sherman, Texas, was taken into custody
outside a mental health clinic at Camp Liberty following Monday's
shooting and charged with five counts of murder and one of
aggravated assault, Maj. Gen. David Perkins said.
The case, the deadliest of the war involving soldier-on-soldier
violence, has cast a spotlight on combat stress and emotional
problems resulting from frequent deployments to battle zones in
Iraq and Afghanistan.
By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer
Iraq Vet in Pennsylvania Murders Was Radically Changed by War and
Tim King   Apr-18-2009 11:40

Police say pending return to Iraq a factor in suicide of Puerto Rican
Hartford Courant, April 15, 2009
By Associated Press
A hero is bound by war's stress
Sergeant earned Silver Star in '04
By Barbara Barrett, Washington correspondent ,
The News & Observer

Updated March 8, 2009
Dear Friends: America's soldiers and veterans are committing suicides
at alarming rate.  
Soldier Suicides Continue! Why is this?  Also the
Rand Corporation has estimated there are at least 350,000 soldiers
suffering from brain and head injuries.   Another 300,000 are suffering
from post-traumatic-stress-disorder and severe depression.  If "war"is
such "A Noble Cause" and so glorious, what is happening?
War and the horrors of combat are completely antithetical to Christ's
and America's teachings.  No amount of "bull shit" from the
warmongers in the White House and Congress can change that!
After you finish reading this entire web page; please e-mail me your
thoughts about what I have written and documented!

Americans proudly proclaim throughout the year, "GOD BLESS
AMERICA."  The American Legion's motto is "FOR GOD AND
COUNTRY". :Would God bless any nation that
lets its officials send  
our children to fight, suffer and die in a war based on at least 935
Today, former President Bush still believes that he is "God's
Messenger."  Where is the outrage from the Christian pulpits?  I believe
Jesus is "God's messenger" and I respect muslims who believe
Mohammed is "God's messenger". What is important is the fact that
three major religions, Jews, Christians and Moslems, all God's children,
worshipping the same God, are warring upon one another.  Apparently,
millions of Americans still believe George Bush is "God's Messenger"
in spite of all the criminal carnage of  his wars.  I have made some
strong statements against former President Bush, President Obama,
Congress and "Christian America" concerning these wars. I have
documented that every member of Congress, especially
Senator Evan
B. Bayh,  a war criminal, co-sponsor of the Iraq War Resolution
and the current psychopathic sponsor of Senate Resolution 580,
The Iran War Resolution,
knew these wars were based on lies, deceit
and greed.  I term these wars fascist, criminal and barbaric.
I term all
who voted for these wars, "War Criminals!"
Inane slogans like the
two above are blasphemy of the worst sort! As a Christian, and
veteran, I flinch with shame when the warmongers and the war
profiteers proudly proclaim , "God Bless America." even in the
My purpose in each page of this web site is to document,
inform and educate about the horrors of war, the human suffering
of wars; wars that politicians and the rich never fight, only the
children of the poor, the working class and minorities. These two
wars,  which have developed into four,  were deliberately planned;
as I believe was 9/11.
Why should "God Bless America",when America does the Dick
Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Reid, John Boehner, John McCain,
Barack Obama, Evan  Bayh, " fascist goose steps" following a
"messianic psychopath" George Bush, instead of walking in Christ's
shoes proclaiming;
"Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be
called the children of God!"      
I challenge you to read these reports of those who suffer from PTSD,
keeping in mind, these wars were pre-planned.
This is all needless
suffering; caused by the "war criminals" in Congress, who knowingly
sent our children into a war based on lies, deceit and greed.  
  None of
these psychopathic war criminals have renounced these wars, but
follow  Indiana's own Senator Bayh, beating the drums for another war
THE IRAN WAR RESOLUTION and deploying 20,000 more
troops to Afghanistan to be maimed and murdered in the name of "Pax
Americana," "The New American Empire."    There will be more
human suffering and more and more innocents who will
suffer forever from ptsd until they find peace in suicide!

God Bless America?  Don't blasphemy my God!      
'        I want you to e-mail me and tell me why should "God Bless
"PTSD victim booted for misconduct"
By Kelly Kennedy, Army Times, Jan. 10, 2009
This is a typical story of how the services use our sons and daughters;
my brothers and sisters and when they encounter behavior problems
resulting from PTSD and inadequate treatment and counseling. they are
"booted"out of service with no benefits, suffering from ptsd with no
care or medications! This is criminal!

As a veteran, I believe that Sgt. Pequeno and the many others suffering
from ptsd, severe depression and severe head injuries deserve a better
future than what Bush, Cheney. Pelosi and Reid have allowed to
happen and Obama allows to continue.  I will not support this
"carnage"  that is occurring to our troops and innocent civilians.  These
s and occupations must end!   
Updated  Dec. 28, 2008
"Hundreds say thanks as Hero comes home".
By Erin Sullivan Tampa

" 'Stop Loss Leads To Yet Another Soldier Suicide"
"I'm not going back to Iraq," Army Sgt. Benjamin Miller, 24, told
friends back in Minnesota.
Huffington Post, June 26, 2008    By Greg Mitchell